Hi, I’m Vera.

I write blog posts, whitepapers and case studies that help B2B SaaS, eCommerce and Marketing Brands attract qualified traffics, gain signups and generate revenue.

I specialize in writing topics on: AI, SEO, Digital Marketing, CRM, IPs etc. 


Vera Agiang | B2B SaaS and Marketing Writer

Freelance B2B Long-Form CopyWriter.

Some brands I’ve worked with – bylined and ghostwritten:

Your content marketing efforts will remain unprofitable if you keep targeting the right people with poor content or even worse, if you create quality content for the wrong audience. You need a pundit who’s familiar with your niche industry and knows just how to create the kind of content that will bring you results. 


  • More leads 
  • More signups 
  • Revenue growth 
  • Reduced customer acquisition cost 
  • A scalable content marketing strategy 

 I help B2B SaaS and marketing companies get real results from content marketing using these three methods:




You see, B2B doesn’t have to mean “boring-to-boring.”

Your content should be simple, valuable, and fun to read. 

Whether it’s a blog post, white-paper, eBook, or case study, your goal with every piece of content that you publish is to give your prospects more reasons to do business with you. To do this, you need to create valuable content that also engages the reader. 

For example, let’s say your ideal prospect searches for your target keyword and finds your site, if they can’t get past the first paragraph of your 6000 word article, they won’t get the opportunity to become familiar with your business, claim a lead magnet,  request a demo, etc.

They will leave your site and run into the arms of a competitor with more user engaging content.

Using storytelling, audience research, and humor, I create valuable content that addresses your prospects deepest pain points and positions you as the ideal solution to their business problems. 




Fresh content wins with both humans and search engines. When your blog’s content has a new perspective and original research, you receive more shares and backlinks and more backlinks means a stronger site and topic authority which improves your blog’s ranking chances.

–  I bring a fresh perspective to your topic area.

–  I conduct  interviews and gather quotes/insights from experts and real persons aka original data.

–  I do deeper research for quality produce.



On average, the first 5 results for any search term gets 76.7 of all search traffic. This means that every page that’s not in the top 5 slot is struggling for just 24.3% of traffic.

Every page on your site should be in the top 3 spots for your target keyword. I can help you achieve that. 

By creating content that trumps every other result for your keyword, optimizing it for SEO, and constantly refreshing it, your content will start to attract backlinks from quality sites and easily outrank your competitors. 

In only a matter of weeks and months, your site will be ranking in the top spots for your most significant keywords and start to bring in a flood of organic traffic.  

And more organic traffic means higher recurring revenue, more scalable content marketing, and less money spent on customer acquisition. 


Here’s Proof: 

Here’s How We’ll

Make This Happen…

First, Who am I?

I’m Vera! and I love good food. (Yummy donuts and spicy foods (meaty & peppery))

I’m a sarcastic, music-lover and also a robotics student at the university of Schweinfurt, Germany. 

My experience in engineering helps me break down complex topics and present them in a way that’s valuable and easy to


I love to learn, understand complex stuff then teach or write about it. I am currently intrigued by Artificial psychology. So, message me on twitter if you’d like to have a chat about that or anything else.

I’m your person if you: 

  • know what quality content marketing can provide for your brand 
  • are a B2B brand that needs a writer that understands B2B content marketing.
  • need someone that cares about your business goals and has interest in solving your pain-points.
  • need yummy and valuable content to scale your marketing efforts and get real results.  


What do you benefit from hiring me?


– Tech Experience: I’m not just vast in SEO and writing. I have a background in software engineering, so, I understand the technical side of your products and the thought process behind its creation.

Marketing Psychology Knowledge: I worked with a branding agency as a social media manager and branding expert. I used marketing psychology to get traffic, create campaigns, develop content strategy and drive sales via Instagram


Business Analysis Understanding: I understand how raw data is made valuable, used to solve a problem and how a software is then developed to collect and interpret these data.


No missed deadlines and Reliability: With me comes solid communication. You can sleep with both eyes closed knowing Vera’s gat ya. No need to chase me, if there’s a problem, I run it by you first.


Thorough with Minimal edits: I’m naturally meticulous. So we won’t be going back and forth to get your projects up to par.  Bonus point, I have an editor in my pocket for complex and longer projects





Vera provides an outline of her work before proceeding. Vera handles feedback. Vera makes wise choices in what content fits within the marketing strategy.

Eddie Moojen

CEO, Opentracker

I specialize in writing articles, case studies, eBooks and white papers on the following topics:

  • Customer Success
  • AI, Automation & Software
  • Data & Data Analytics
  • Internet Protocol

  • Cloud Computing
  • SOPs & Processes
  • Digital Marketing
  • SEO & Social media Marketing

  • Sales Management
  • CRO
  • eCommerce
  • Internet of Things