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Vera provides an outline of her work before proceeding. Vera handles feedback. Vera makes wise choices in what content fits within the marketing strategy.

Eddie Moojen, CEO @ Opentracker

  SEO Writing, Content Repurposing, and Content Strategy for


I write long-form content, repurpose content and create content strategies that help B2B Software Companies attract qualified traffic, gain signups and generate revenue.


I write about the following topics:

Blockchain Technology, CyberSecurity, Automation and Software, Artificial Intelligence, Content Marketing, Human Resource Management, eCommerce, Internet Protocols, SOPs & Processes, Sales Management, IOT, and Cloud Computing.

You’re here because you know content marketing generates leads, traffic, and revenue for B2B Marketers, and you can’t handle the load of producing high-quality content in-house anymore.

Insert: Me = Vera;

Why should I write for you?

First, Seo

B2B content needs SEO and distribution to get fresh eyeballs on it. We both know SEO is all about satisfying the search intent first but our google buddy still needs bribing so:

I follow SEO practices like backlinking internal articles to take google back to your site over again when crawling the article. Giving you some sense of authority in the “space” like “remote work” or “data analytics” to satisfy search intent. Like the image at the your right:

I insert secondary and primary keywords and work it seamlessly into your content and headings  then use tools like Clearscope, aHrefs and Surfer SEO to further optimize your content. Like I did in this same article:

Read Article

Access to thought leaders in different fields

I love connecting with people and I’m privileged to have access to Engineers, Researchers, Cyber Security Analysts, Developers etc that can offer fresh insights to your pieces like this:

An Engineer: 






A Content Marketing Manager: 


In this article, I explain succeeding as a remote manger. I also provided resources to help readers follow the advice like so:

I help repurpose your other content in your article

I used a podcast by the same company in their own article to illustrate a point. Backlink ? Yeah!

Fresh stats and stories

I conduct research and pull up current stats and stories that relate to your audience and the topic

Meta titles and description

I provide relevant meta tags and meta description options to further optimize for search.


Pictures and illustrations make text interesting. I provide relevant graphics for text content. 

headline choices ?

Check! You no longer have to worry about “titles” for your content.

Last thing is no missed deadlines (always communicated) and no fluff in my writing.

Before writing a word for you, I understand your business goals and it keeps me guarded throughout my process. Down to the images I design, the stats I pick, the stories I tell and the experts I interview.

See what my editor says

I’ve worked with Vera for the past 2 years at SweetProcess. She is a wonderful colleague who is positive, enthusiastic, and eager to continue improving on her craft. 

She always understands the assignment and her writing is top-notch, which makes my job as an editor incredibly easy! “ 

Heather Pathon, Editor @ SweetProcess

Editor , SweetProcess


Long Form Content

Blog Posts

  • $400 – 1,000 words
  • $600 – 1,500 words
  • $800 – 2,000 words
  • $1,000 – 2,500 words
  • $1,400 – 3,500 words

White Paper

  • Starts from $2,000

Content Strategy

You shouldn’t write a piece of content if you don’t have a content strategy because it yields no results. Besides, producing high-quality content is rather expensive to play Russian roulette at.

I don’t work with companies that don’t have a content strategy. I offer content strategy services at a flat fee of $2,000

Content Repurposing

Already have content ? I can repackage existing content for social media and other mediums to reach a fresh audeince and multiply traffic. I have over 2 years of experience, repurposing podcast into show notes, articles to blog posts and interviews to editorials.

Prices are case by case, so reach out to me below. 

About Me

Hi, I’m Vera Agiang and besides freelance writing, I’m a newbie blockchain developer (Solidity and JavaScript). I have 2+ years of experience with SaaS and B2B Content Marketing I love discovering music: Hip hop, Rnb, Reggae, grime.. I would listen to anything that sounds good, in any language.

I love reading books, having fun, watching Tv series or anything funny, and seeing art.I’m sarcastic to a fault and dark humor makes me happier than I’d like to admit.

My Process

  1. Send an email with the content type(s) you want and I’ll send you a short content brief outline to fill out.
  2. Within 48 hours, I’ll send a quote for the brief.
  3. When price is agreed upon, a contract is sent stating the terms and conditions of both parties and signed by both.
  4. 50% upfront payment and a content outline is given 24 hours after payment.
  5. Content is delivered, revised and approved.
  6. Completion of payment (Net 7) then we move to La La Land.
Do you work hourly?

 No I don’t. It’s detrimental to my work experience and output. Plus it penalizes me for being good at my job.

Payment terms?

I collect 50% upfront payment before I start working via PayPal, SendCash, and OhentPay (For Uk and Europe based clients) (Currently working on bank transfer)

Do you ghost write?

Yes I do and I charge 20% more to the above price for it.

Do you offer monthly retainers?

Yes I do. I love them.

What if I don’t have a content strategy yet?

I also offer content strategy services at a flat fee of $2,000. Yay!

Do you charge VAT?

Yes I do. This is based on the payment method you’re using to pay me. We split the fee: 


PayPal: 10%


SendCash: 5% 


OhentPay: A flat fee of 3 pounds/euros is added to the charge.